Taking a Blogging Hiatus

I’ve not posted for a while, so I thought I’d better just explain why I’ve been such a lazy-arsed blogger recently. Outside of the usual 9-5 stresses, the main reasons are:

  • The World Cup
  • Trying to work more on various web projects
  • Continuing to renovate our house

Be Back Soon!The house is taking a lot of time at the moment. We moved in January to our new house in Cheshire (I’d lived in Manchester city centre for about 5 years previously). At the time it seemed a good idea to buy something we could add value to. So far we’ve had the whole house rewired, then all re-plastered and then complete replacement of the central heating. Now I’m spending my days painting and laying floors which is more knackering than I realised! On the plus side, I have been able to formulate some good DIY to SEO analogies in my head, so maybe they’ll get turned into blog posts at some point :)

As for my own projects, I run a few sites which are doing pretty well, but I need to really knuckle down and put some more effort into them. In addition, I’m sat on a load of good keyword domains that I’ve been picking up periodically so I need to  develop these too. When I’m flat out on big projects in my full-time job, I do sometimes find it difficult to get the motivation to work on my own stuff when I’m back at home. When the world cup is on at the same time, it’s just a non-starter!

I was going to do a post on this nonsensical Developers-hate-SEOs-hate-Developers stuff that seems to be cropping up all over the place at the moment, but sadly, not enough time. Maybe I will do later on.

So yeah, that’s it . I’ll be back at some point in the not too distant future I’m sure. In the mean time, if you want some lulz, why not try this theme on your new WordPress 3.0 installation? Wow, that really reads like a spammy paid link doesn’t it. It’s not, I promise :)

And good luck to England this afternoon of course!

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  2. Hi Jon, your blog has some good advice. I have had a web site for approx 5 years and I am looking to increase traffic for a few keywords. I have used the Web Clinic for the last ten months to no good effect and I am getting frustrated as what to do next. Can you offer any advice?

    Best regards


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