Hi there, my name’s Jon and I’m an ecommerce consultant, originally from Manchester but now based not too far away from my roots, in sunny (sometimes) Cheshire.

My first exposure to the world wide web came via the family modem in around 1998 and I built my first webpage shortly after that (it wasn’t great); I’ve had a genuine passion for the online world ever since. I’ve run a variety of web based services and affiliate sites for over 20 years now (I received my first website generated cheque in the late 1990’s; that was a good day!) and following the completion of a computer science degree at the University of Manchester (about the most relevant course at the time to the web) I did freelance web development for a variety of clients.

I enjoyed building sites, but what really interested me was the process of getting people to part with money online. I joined a small ecommerce brand in 2005 as employee number 4 and over the course of the next 10 years, drove a massive increase in turnover as well as developing a huge skill set across areas such as development, SEO and UX and team building/management. By the time I departed, the business had grown to well over 120 employees with a £multi-million turnover. I left because I wanted to challenge myself and see if I could recreate incredible revenue growth at other online brands; I was able to do this over the following years at a number of other high growth ecommerce brands, implementing ambitious strategies across a wide range of marketing channels, effectively selecting and project managing external agencies, and building amazing digital teams.

That experience of being an absolute key driver of growth inside these ecommerce brands, not just a small cog in a corporate machine, and not just an external partner sat on the outside with limited influence, has really allowed me to develop what I believe is the ideal array of skills to help ecommerce businesses achieve ambitious growth plans; click here to learn more about what I do

Outside of ecommerce, I’m very much a family man, happily married with two young children; you might have noticed a few images on this site with them in. I enjoy watching football (probably best not to mention who I support at this stage) and boxing, and I’m very partial to eating out at good restaurants. I also really enjoy meeting new people and I’ve been described in the past as a “top man” and a “down to earth gent” 🙂

So, if you’re looking for help growing your ecommerce business and want to work with someone with a proven track record of doing exactly that, feel free to get in touch