If you’re reading this page, you’re probably looking for Twando, the leading free PHP Twitter application with the ability to auto follow/unfollow, schedule tweets, search and mass follow new users and many more features besides.

Sadly, Twando is no more! I originally released Twando back in 2012 and it went through several iterations over the following 10 years, amassing tens of thousands of downloads in the process. As it snowballed into a more and more comprehensive application, I struggled to find the time to keep it updated (I’m not really a coder) and although it still works fully at the time of writing (the last version 1.20 being released in September 2022), with the likely full deprecation of Twitter API version 1.1, I knew a good chunk of work was going to be be needed to make it fully 2.0 compatible.

But what really made my mind up was Twitter’s decision to massively restrict free access to the API meaning that many core features of Twando would no longer be accessible without paid API access (starting at $100 per month). Whilst some Twando users I’m sure would have and will pay this fee, the vast majority I’m sure will not, so it seems crazy to put further time into a free product which will now have such a limited user base.

Thank you sincerely to everyone who used Twando over the 10+ years it was available, particularly to the many users who supported the project and those who contributed meaningful feedback.

Jon – April 2023

p.s. Please note that naturally I’m no longer able to offer any support or answer any questions regarding Twando. Twando had not been an open source project for many years.